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Guide to
GA4 Migration

Google is forcing marketers to move from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) by July 2023. Don't wait to get started; download our guide to migration and jump into a whole new world of insights.


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GA4 Migration Guide

What’s Inside

How and when to dig into the GA4 platform

Timing is crucial, and so is process. Learn how to begin the transition to GA4 to set yourself up for success.

The resources you need for optimization

The upgrades from Universal Analytics to GA4 will take time to discover. Here's how.                                    

Step-by-step guides to build new reports

No defaults? No problem. Recreate your favorite reports from Universal Analytics.                         

Looking for more GA4 migration support?

We've helped dozens of clients set up and fall in love with GA4. We can help you do the same.